Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stuff, Part I

I haven't written anything in a few weeks.  I've THOUGHT about writing, sure.  I've even planned out what I plan on doing when I get back into it.  But I haven't written a thing.

One of the creative writing teachers at the high school where I work had her students write listening to the blues the other day.  The prompt the kids were given was "Have you ever had 'The Blues'?  What do you do to get rid of 'The Blues'?"  I was intrigued, not just because I like blues music.

A little background:  I am originally from Mississippi.  I spent most of my formative years in the northwest part of the state, commonly called the Mississippi Delta, or simply The Delta.  This was the birthplace of the musical style known as The Blues.  So, I asked the teacher if I could write something just like the kids were, but rather than talk about an emotion, I wanted to write about "The Blues" itself.

She asked me if I would read it to a few of her classes this week.  I complied, and both times I read it, the teacher cried.  I asked her why, she said it wasn't anything sad in my piece (I didn't even write anything sad in it).  It was simply the language, the imagery, and the writing itself.  She said that she is a jaded, life-long editor who always edits as she reads rather than reading for enjoyment, so to be moved to tears is a big deal for her.  I couldn't have smiled any bigger.  What a compliment!

Also, wanted to point out that a middle grade boys adventure that I wrote has gotten some interest from an agent.  Once again, good news.  And I needed some after losing my dad.  He would be proud!

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  1. That a nice memory, Scott - those childhood moments mean so much to budding writers, don't they?
    Tell us more about your MG boys' adventure! I can't remember whether you've mentioned it before.