Saturday, June 11, 2011

Advanced Praise for The Backseat Virgin

My first short story collection will be out next month.  It's called The Backseat Virgin: A South Florida Noir Collection.  A great writer named Josie Schneider has read it and was kind enough to provide a review:

Review of THE BACKSEAT VIRGIN by Scott Chase
            Scott Chase, in THE BACKSEAT VIRGIN, has put together a collection of potent short stories – rich as truffles, (but not the chocolate kind which are too sweet and wholesome), but akin to mushroom truffles that are earthy and dark, luxurious and compact. The four tales, all set in seedy, gritty surroundings with equally hardened characters, are not rough, however. These tight tales are smooth as silk, wrapping around your senses, transporting you to the moody land of hookers and thieves, bad cops and crime-family henchmen. Sit back, grab a straight-up Bourbon, put on the jazz, and open THE BACKSEAT VIRGIN for an evening’s lusty entertainment. 

The collection comes out next month on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and will be available in print soon!  I want to thank Josie again for doing this.