Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Writing Through the World

Hey there, I'm Scott Chase.  I am the writer of The Chosen, a thriller soon to be available on,, as well as iBookstore.

The Chosen is a terrorism thriller.  Here's the synopsis:

In September of 2004, terrorists shocked the world by taking school children hostage in Beslan, Russia.  Three days later over three hundred people were dead.

Now that horror has come home to the United States.   A group of extremists have captured the Linton Beach Memorial Children’s Hospital.  Their demands include the United States disavowing allies and releasing hundreds of known terrorists.  Punishment for not giving in will mean the death of children live on television and the Internet. 

Linton Beach Police Detective Brad Porter and his partner, rookie female detective Taylor Mahady, have less than twelve hours to out maneuver a politically motivated FBI agent, rescue the children and stop a bloody massacre.  The nation’s president is given a choice he cannot make, between giving over a nation to terror and losing his granddaughter.    

I started writing while serving in the US Air Force.  We were a bunch of twenty-something Americans serving overseas and the fun and trouble we got ourselves into made for an entertaining blog.  At least the fifteen or twenty people who read regularly thought so.  Later, a friend of mine put my blog on his webpage and the readership grew to a few hundred people.  But I didn't want to be a blogger or humorist; I wanted to write fiction.

I've always been a story-teller at heart.  Now I'm diving into the deep end of the publishing pool.  This blog isn't just going to be about publishing, my experiences in self-publishing or even writing.  Other stuff does happen in the world.   There's sports (I love college football, especially the SEC), politics, pop culture (I'll go to my wife for her opinion on this for the most part) and life in general.  Because you don't just want to read about writing...

So let's enjoy the ride together.  Oh, and buy the book; I think you'll like it.