The Chosen - Detective Brad Porter is called to the scene of a nightmare.  An explosion has rocked the Linton Beach, FL marina in the middle of a crowded festival.  Dozens of people are dead with hundreds injured.  But that is just the beginning.  A 9-1-1 call from the Linton Beach Memorial Children's Hospital brings Porter face to face with a ghost from his past, and a terror that will strike at the heart of the nation.  

Angelic Dead - She was found dead lying on a gravestone in a cemetary.  In life, she was an honor student and a gifted athlete, the star of her high school.  In death, she will become "The Angel of Linton Beach."  Detectives Brad Porter and Taylor Mahady are walking into a hornet's nest of hatred and debauchery that will force Porter to confront some of his most secret demons.  Every cop has a case that they can't forget, that haunts them from the grave.  This murder will haunt an entire town.