Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bring Back the Adventure

By request, I'm putting up a little about the boys middle grade adventure that I'm submitting to agents right now.  I'm not doing it under the pen name Scott Chase though, but rather under my real name.

Here is the back of the book style description:

When 14-year old Rick Frost signed up for the school trip to Alaska, he did it for an adventure.  After pulling Hollywood actress Alexis Blair out of a plane crash in the wilderness, he thinks he's had it.  But when the bullet star flying, Rick knows the adventure has just begun.  The crash was no accident.  Someone wants Alexis dead and that puts Rick right in the cross hairs.  What started as a trek through America's last frontier has turned into a race to escape certain death.  

When I grew up, I loved to read adventure books.  Even stuff like the Hardy Boys had a lot of action in it.  In my teens I discovered Clive Cussler and his character Dirk Pitt and I was infatuated.  Pitt searched the world for treasures, saved girls in distress, and did it with a cute comment every time.  Was it mindless?  Sure.  Were the characters cardboard?  Absolutely.  But I loved every stinking minute of it.  And judging by the amount of sales, a lot of people agreed with me.  But now, there's not a lot of stuff like that for boys.  Rick Riordan is doing it, Anthony Horowitz has the Alex Rider series, and my buddy Mark Terry has a series of books for boys too.  Well, I'm going to throw my hat in the ring with the Rick Frost series.  It will be somewhat like the old Pitt books, in that Rick will search for treasures and artifacts, but it will also address issues that are present in the lives of young boys, issues that they will have to face when they become men, like racism, friendship, principles and loyalty.

I'll let you guys know what is coming with the Rick Frost books, as well as with The Chosen, which will be coming out in April of 2012 from Champagne Books.  Keep reading.

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