Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Writer's Wrist

I've had writer's block, if there is such a real thing.  In writing my second novel, I got about half way through and just didn't know where to go.  I was on point J.  I knew what happened on points M, N, and O.  But K and L?  Not a clue.  So I quit writing on it for about 6 months.  Sure enough, I read through what I'd written after that six months and wham-bam-thank-musey-ma'am!  I was back in business.  I wrote about 28,000 words in one weekend and the novel was finished.  I've done about two or three novels the same way.

But now I have writer's wrist.  No idea if it's carpal tunnel or just the fact that I don't have a computer desk and the dining room table I'm writing on is less than ergonomically efficient.  I don't even know what ergonomically efficient means but it sure sounded good didn't it?

The point of this post is only to give you guys an update on why I haven't written as much lately.  The sequel to The Chosen is called Angelic Dead, or at least that's the working title.  I'll detail more about the two books soon.  Until then, I'm off to get some ice.

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