Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Recommendations

Some books I've read on Kindle and recommend you read as well:

- I just read The Devil's Pitchfork by Mark Terry.  It's a terrific read and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes thrillers.  Mark is a great writer, and knows how to make scenes believable.  The book is about chemical warfare and terrorism, and for those who enjoy escapism and excitement, Mark is a writer to latch on to, hold tight and not let go.  His Derek Stillwater series, of which Devil's Pitchfork is the first one, is a great series.  *Full disclosure:  Mark and I have been email acquaintances for a little over six months.

- One of the first books I read on my new Kindle was American Assassin by Vince Flynn.  It is still in the same universe as he's always written, the Mitch Rapp series, but with this novel Flynn breaks with the traditional series conventions and decides to do a prequel.  This book explains how Mitch Rapp got to be Mitch Rapp.  For those who love the series, it's a must-read.  For those who are new, it's a perfect way to introduce the series.  I wouldn't recommend starting with it, but if you do, that's fine.

- The one I'm reading right now I can recommend even though I am not even done with it.  I'm that confident in Robert Crais and his latest book The Sentry.  It stars one the two main characters in Crais's series, Joe Pike.  He is a tremendous lead character and thankfully has gotten several books in which he plays the lead and Elvis Cole takes the sidekick role.  If you like the series, you should already have this one, but if you don't, then start.  Crais is a great writer.

I'll recommend books as I finish them.  Up next are books that are not out yet, as I'm beta reading for friends.  Until then, enjoy!

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